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Default Discreptency between concepts

I need a little help here. I'm reading and watching video information on how to improve my swimming, but I also am receiving some feedback from pool acquaintances, if they feel it is "important" to provide critique (which I will not even go there); yet there is that adage, "too much information can make things more complicated than they need to be" and I cannot make sense of everything anymore because there is a discreptency between information. So I want to turn solely to TI rather than go to various swimming forum sites and read other books, and definitely want to not put a lot of stock in the pool folks; coming to TI specifically will help me gain consistent knowledge to help me be a better swimmer. It is getting to the point that I am getting frustrated, and even exhausted in the water to the point that I need to take a few days to even get enough energy back to get back to the pool.

Am I supposed to roll my entire body from the hips to my head as I roll to breathe, or am I just suppose to roll only my head as my arm makes its rotation in the stroke? The pool folks are explaining that my overcompensation comes from rotating at the hips, so I should just keep my body as parallel to the pool bottom as possible and only roll my head. Yet, that does not seem right to me from a physiological standpoint at all, based on how your body is built. From my point of view, I see the head only approach being very uneven and choppy which even has caused some sore muscles; but I see the torso rotation as being very fluid and free-flowing.

I'm tired of being frustrated and exhausted because I am working so hard to get enough air in a breath, and I really need simple input here so I can move forward with my swimming.
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