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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
I can't see the different of that to your description. Could you clarify?
OK. On left flank, left leading arm. Left forearm goes EVF. That way swimmer
early grabs water and tries to early pull and push. We don't pull or push. We
wait till we are on the opposite flank, the right one, and then make vertical
forearm. Personally, I feel how water is tick. It is something one might lean on.
Takes time to stay with leading arm extended prolonged and do nothing.
So, recovery connected to the hip, the kick to help it, late anchor to give
an... anchor. Has to be correctly paced, all parts to come together.
I finally found the proper head position during breathing. The culprit was pre-
viously injured shoulder, which did not move at needed place to open an
armpit fully and keep low drag. Solved. I work on it.
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