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Hi Novaswimmer

I had considered starting a thread concerning breath timing. Decided to look at the breathing forum to see what had already been posted. Saw your thread and hope that by answering your post, it generates some discussion.

Bases on your 4 pictures, I guess my breathing resembles more of the swimmer in #3.
Occasionally when I lose focus, #4 happens more often than not. This happens more so when I breathe on my left side. When I see my arm, then I know that I have waited too long to breathe.

Have not experimented with different speeds, but will try when I get back in pool.

There was a post a long time ago from Madvet that when you are in the pulling phase you should not breathe. Reason stated that your lungs cannot open up. Coach Suzanne later replied that this was not the case, but breathing while in the pulling phase was bad because of timing of the breath. However she didn't go into what was the best timing of the breath. I would think that picture #1 illustrates the best time since we are advised to breathe early.

Hope this generates some comments

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