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Default Weak side breathing once and for always

Last week I had the opportunity to meet and swim with Terry which was wonderful.

He gave me a few things to work on, but number 1 was to fix my stroke assymetry by getting used to breathing both sides.

Since this is an overdue task that I have attempted previously and abandoned I decided I needed to give it all my focus until it's completed.

This is the plan

Add in an extra swim session and do 8 sessions in the next two weeks with one simple main set

16x100 breathing left,left,bilateral, left on each of the 4 lengths.

After 8 sessions I will have swum 512 lengths of offside breathing and will use that to review my progress.

Yesterday was session 1 of 8. I felt awkward and off balance but my 100m repeat times were only around 5s slower than normal

Today was session 2/8 and things were much more comfortabl and my breathing
Much easier after each repeat

At the end of the 8 sessions I'll attempt a weak side 1500 and consider it mission accomplished if I go under 29 minutes
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