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Thanks everyone. The scenario is that I'm writing "generic" training plans for 1500 participants of a local triathlon! The basic ones will be free and I will be writing weekly blog posts to guide people through their training. Obviously I don't want TOO much time % planning going into these free basic ones. I will also be providing plans for sale. The running & cycling is easy for me to scale to various levels.

The swimming is HARD! I cringe at seeing this: Warmup 5x50, drill down, swim back. 10 x 25 moderate tempo. 5 x 50 fast. CD 200 pull.


Yet people know how to read that and are "expecting" that. How can I deliver better value, yet still simplify that type of practice I wrote above?

I agree that a HUGE component of this is focus, and I will address that in my intro...but there will be people who will simply want the workouts.

Conundrum. The clock is ticking...

Appreciate any more advice.

I considered taking the "bones" of the practice and being a little less mystical... eg

Swim 1A (500yd total)
4 Pushoffs and glide. Relax and Clear your mind. Let the water support you.
4 1/2 Lengths Swim. Find the same relaxation as before. Deep cleansing breaths between 1/2 lengths. Continue to clear your mind
2 x 25 yd swim. Find the same sensations. Relax, Clear your Mind, Deep Breaths.

Set #1: 3 Rounds of 4 x 25
For each round choose one thought to swim with (Relax your head. Relax your hands. Streamline your legs)

Is that any different or is that the same? More words, less jargon. What if they were able to swim 2000 per workout already? Same wording but more swimming? Maybe I'm overthinking it all.
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