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Default Can you read & follow this basic practice?

Hi all, I'm creating some swim plans for a triathlon and not all participants are familiar wiht Total Immersion. Here is an example of the first this too difficult to understand? Would this only be appropriate for someone familiar with Total Immersion? If someone was not familiar with Total Immersion, how would you suggested modification, knowing that they may not ever be interested in TI (but of course hopefully they would)

1A (500)
WU: Superman Glide to Swim Progression - Do 3 rounds of the following wiht each of the focal points below
SG X 4, with Focal Point (FP)
SG to swim 3-6 strokes with FP (no breath)
SG to swim 1/2 LENGTH x 2 with FP (0 - 1 breaths)
SG to swim x 25yd, with FP (breath as needed)
Repeat up to 4x25

Focal Points Round#1 Hang head, #2 Hang Hands, #3 Draft Legs (300)

S2: Swim 4-6 additional 25s of chosen FP (150)
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