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Hi Stuart.
I took a look at the straighter arm recovery video that David has on his blog that he says he picked from some of your Mind Body and Swim workshops. So for todays session I thought I would include that as a FP while doing your suggested your asymmetric TT drill.

After a 200 warmup using a straighter arm recovery I then started the drill.
Starting at 1.10 felt a little fast and of course heading all the way down to 0.8 was blistering for me!
The good news though is that as tempo became faster my times improved unlike my session earlier in the week. Times were 45, 43, 41 and 40 at 1.10,1.0,.9 and .8

All of this while really concentrating on a 5 and 7 o'clock much straighter arm recovery and not worrying too much about what was going on under the water.

Then using .05 increments back to 1.10 as expected what felt really too fast on the way up did not feel that fast on the way down.

After this I removed the TT and thought I would do a 100 focusing again on the straighter arm recovery. Well I could not believe my eyes when my watch showed 1:29!! Just to make sure it was not a fluke I did a second 100 and it was 1:30.
These fast (for me) times could be because my muscle memory was now tuned to a faster tempo combined with the improved recovery. The RPE was quite high but I certainly was not going flat out.

Progress!! Thanks.
Coach Stuart McDougal knocking me into shape
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