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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
I'm not aware of an official distinction between "TI" and "P" as described in this thread but I would love to see video ...
We might not be clear enough.
P gets catch i.e on the left side, with the body on the left side and leading
arm, left, angled early.
TI on the left body side, left leading arm extended all the time. When one
recovers and rotates to the right body side, when almost on the right side,
only then he angles forearm and gets the catch. Difference is substantial,
spite all elements are the same.
Obvous is to catch as early as you can. It took me time to accustom to late
oppisite side catch. P is faster? Yes. It takes all physics you could. And only
that. It is hard to get proper horizontal position. Energy dissipation or bigger.
My opinion.
With P one swims using arms. Till has energy. IT uses whole body. I breath
with P much better. It says my position is worse.
Hardly wait further opinions!
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