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Originally Posted by s.sciame View Post
Thanks for the sharing Shinji!
Where's your japanese blog (hope Google translator can help here)?
What kind of sets are you typically doing in these practices? E.g. 10x300 at the pace you intend to swim the Rottnest Channel, or shorter sets at faster paces, or other?

Cheers and all the best!
Thank you , Salvo.
It is

Since I cannot memorize details of menus, I try to swim very simple sets such as 10x400.
- 1st set: To reshape 7 kinds of sensors
- 2nd-10th set: Tempo pyramid (1.10-1.25-1.00 by 0.05) as follows:

Sets of 400 are mindfully divided into 4x100.
- 1st 100: Insertion point and weight shift
- 2nd 100: Catch position and spearing action
- 3rd 100: Pull path and coordination with body rotation
- last 100: Leverage (spear and pull)

100 will be divided into 2x50.
- 1st 50: Left side breathing
- 2nd 50: Breathing on both sides

I try to make the stroke count constant each lap.

When I have more time, I add 10x100 for speeding.
Decrease the stroke counts of 2nd and 3rd laps by 1 at various tempo.

I use Finis MP3 player to listen to music, and Tempo Trainer for checking tempo.
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