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Default Really Last Pool Practice

The New Paltz town 25m pool stayed open two extra days past Labor Day since school doesn't open til Friday so the kids that work there are still available. I hadn't swum there all summer, preferring the 50m county pool, but since it was the only game in town, I swam there today.

I didn't have a plan when I got in, but I brought my Tempo Trainer and that's all I ever need to come up with a challenging, informative and enjoyable set of exercises. I'll recount what I did.

12 x 50 Asymmetric Tempo Pyramid
Since this was my first 25m practice I didn't know what SPL would result.

I set TT at 1.1 and my first 50 was 36 strokes (17+19). I decided to slow by .04, then return to starting tempo by .02.

My low stroke count at 1.22 was 31 (15+16). I'd done 15+17 on #4, but sensed I could swim the 2nd 25 a bit more efficiently, so I repeated that one and improved my stroke count by 1.

When I returned to 1.1 I was at 33 strokes (15+16). I did one more 50 at 1.08 to see if I could hold that count and did.

X Rounds of [50+100+150+200] @ 1.1 Can I hold SPL @ max of 17 as distance increases?

I set this challenge based on my tuneup set of 50s. I hoped to add a max of just one stroke to my high count as distance increased from 50 to 200. On the first round, I found that was beyond my grasp. I took 18 strokes on the 5th length of the 150. So I reset TT to 1.11 to try again. I played with the combination of Tempo between 1.10 and 1.13 and repeats up to 200m for about 15 minutes to test my ability to keep SPL at 17 or less for 200m. It was great fun because the efficiency challenge kept me on my toes, mentally and neurally.

200m repeats @ 1.20 Tempo. Can I hold SPL @ max of 16

For the last 15 minutes I played at a slower tempo, longer repeats and lower SPL to find the limits of what I could do by playing those factors against each other to test my limits. Since the repeats were all 200m I had to prioritize relaxation. To never exceed 16SPL took all the focus I had, and required me to make every stroke count. I could feel a hint of fatigue at times, leading to slight instability in my body line or catch. To control that I first had to quiet my mind and keep it focused on working with.

It was all great fun. A good way to ring out my summer 2013 pool practices. It will be all lake swimming until I leave for Madrid Oct 2, on my way to Gibraltar where our window opens on Oct 8.
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