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Originally Posted by KatieK View Post
Is there a formula we can use as a guide for SPL target by height?
Here's something from an ebook I will publish later this summer about Stroke Counting as a form of training:

SPL can be roughly approximated to height and skill. I’ve prepared this height-indexed rough guide for 25-yard SPL (for 25m, add 1 to 2 SPL) to give swimmers a broad target:
5’0” to 5’ 2” 18 to 21 SPL
5’3” to 5’5” 17 to 20 SPL
5’6” to 5’ 8” 16 to 19 SPL
5’9” to 5’ 11” 15 to 18 SPL
6’0” to 6’2” 14 to 17 SPL
6’3” or taller 13 to 16 SPL
How to use it:
• Each height category is indexed to a range of 4 SPL. As you begin stroke counting, a personal range of 3 SPL will be sufficient.
• If you find that balance is elusive, your legs feel “heavy” or find it difficult to relax your kick, use the highest 3 counts in your range. (E.G. If you are 5’7” aim for 17 to 19 SPL.)
• If you feel generally well-supported with a relaxed kick, use the lower 3 counts in your range. (E.G. If you’re 5’7” aim for 16 to 18 SPL.)
• Aim to swim 25-yard repeats at the lowest count in your personal range. Use the upper 2 SPL in your range for middle or final laps on any repeat or swim. Stop for a rest or “reset” when you exceed the highest count in your range.

If you're above the height-indexed range -- or it's a strain to hold the SPL noted for your height -- you should keep your repeat distances fairly short and your Tempo fairly leisurely until your "effortless efficiency" improves.

In fact, use the SPL index as a guide to choosing Tempo. If your SPL is above the indicated range for your height, it would be best to set your Tempo Trainer around 1.30 until you can swim fairly consistently, at a range of repeat distances up to, say, 200 yds/mts within the range noted for your height. Once you can do that, you can begin moving toward, and possibly below, 1.20. If you can easily manage SPLs in the lower part of your range, you are probably ready to begin training with tempo from 1.0 to 1.10, or possibly even faster. Just use the SPL range as a guide to alert you to when the combination of Tempo and Distance may be exceeding your neural capacity.
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