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sojomojo 09-08-2017 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by bx (Post 63506)
Have you tried trigger point work on the side of your butt to release chronically tight muscles (glute med?) I have a lacrosse ball for this purpose. As usual, see YouTube for how that works...

At the acute stage, the glutes were so tight and painful that nothing helped except ice bags. Iím surprised that I didnít get frostbite on my butt from the continuous application of ice. During the first few days, I did try a lacrosse ball and a tennis ball, but they weren't helpful and seemed to aggravate the sciatic nerve. After two weeks, the pain subsided to the point that I have been able to use a foam roller. Certain stretching exercises helped.

Right now, the sciatica pain is now isolated in my right foot - it tingles (pins and needles) and it burns as if I have heat balm lotion applied to it.

With regards to swimming without sciatic pain, I forgot to mention that I could only swim with a 2 beat kick.

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