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AWP 02-19-2013 01:48 PM

Update on a bit of progress after yesterday's practice, the ability to choose my spl for 25yd lengths, both as 25s and 50s. After several repeats maintaining count and times consistently, the ability to descend time easily by adding just one stroke per length; 8/8 @ :56> 9/9 @ :54.
I'll spend a bit more time @ the 8spl and then look to improve at 7spl before a test of adding back strokes for hopefully even better times. When this happens I'll look to extend distance. At the moment I do not want to exceed 9 spl. and at the moment swim only 25s/50s.

terry 02-20-2013 11:55 AM

You may even want to explore the possibility that 6SPL may be in your range. Not right away necessarily. First develop your full potential for swimming at 7SPL. How fast on shorter repeats. How many lengths can you swim on which you can hit the wall with decent momentum on your 7th stroke.

Making small changes to your form -- a bit less resistance, a smudge more thrust from your kick -- will allow you to carry more momentum into the wall on that 7th stroke. And that's the first way to shave seconds from your time for those repeats.

AWP 02-20-2013 10:05 PM

Just what I needed to read, thx. I will apply that for sure and report. I do have the sense I can make 7 spl as on the last couple of sessions with BR focus I almost saw 7 but opted for a more effective 8 spl; for now.

PS hoping success with the new batch of TI Coaches!

AWP 02-23-2013 10:43 PM

Ok, so I took advantage of a 'flow' in my practice and applied Terry's suggestion, plus I did delve back into the book "Extraordinary Swimming for Every Body" and had a bit of measured success in my last practice, yeah!
Foremost, my ability to complete 7 spl with enough momentum to hit the wall nicely. This was done in a series of 25s followed by a couple rounds of 50s. It wasn't until the end of the 50s series that I started to come up a bit short @ 7 spl, less than half an arms length, so stopped the exercise there. I'll work from there...
My practice:

400 medley "cruise"
4x100 medley (1:47)
Focus on light but effective catch, especially on right side.
2x100 as
25BK 25BR @ 14/7 spl*
4x50 BK/BR @ 14/7 spl
:40- :39- :38- :38 @ 14 spl
200 as
1x100FR "cruise"
1x100 FR/BK @ 11/12 spl

terry 03-15-2013 03:21 AM

4 x 50 BR on 1:20
14 Mar 2200y in 50min

Today at the end of this practice, the main set of which was an intensive set of 15 x 100 FR (in 5 rounds of 3), I did 4 x 50 BR on 1:20 as my final set.
1-3 @ 7+8SPL Times: 50-50-49 sec.
#4 @ 8+9SPL Time: 47 sec.

My cumulative 200 BR time on this set was 3:16 -- 12 sec faster than the last time I swam at 7+8SPL (though I did add 1SPL on the last 50). Very happy with that -- especially considering I held little back on the 15x100 FR that preceded it.

terry 03-16-2013 11:38 PM

4 x 50 + 2 x 100 + 1 x 200
16 March - 3100y in 60m at SUNY

Today, in the midst of this practice, I revisited the baseline set I did at the beginning of this Breaststroke Improvement Project.

On Jan 29 I did the following
4 x 50 @ 8SPL on 1:10 Cumulative 200 time 3:38
100 EZ BK for recovery
2 x 100 (8-8-8-9SPL) on 2:20 Cumulative 200 time 3:43
100 EZ BK for recovery
1 x 200 @ 9SPL Time 3:40.

My goal today was to have final 200 time be as fast as cumulative 200 times from on sets of 4x50 and 2x100. I would do that by adding 1 SPL each time I increased distance. Here's how today's set turned out:

4 x 50 @ 7SPL on 1:10 Cumulative 200 time 3:28
50 EZ BK for recovery.
2 x 100 @ 8SPL on 2:20 Cumulative 200 time 3:27
100 EZ BK for recovery.
1 x 200 @ 9SPL Time 3:27

I'm tremendously pleased with this progress, despite being pretty limited in the total volume of breast I'm able to do because my knees can't take too much.

I'll keep the project going until mid-April, hoping to improve final 200 to around 3:20.

terry 03-22-2013 11:49 PM

4 x 50 @ 8+9 Strokes
Fri 22 Mar -- 3000y in 55 min
Today as the final set of this practice, I swam
4 x 50 BR @ 8+9 SPL - with 50 EZ BK between.
My times were 50-49-48-47 sec, for a cumulative 200 total of 3:15.

The is the fastest 'broken' 200 I've swum during this project.

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