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deggy1 04-28-2016 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne (Post 58469)
No it's the head does NOT move when I breath. It stays with my shoulders and torso and goes with. It moves MORE when I don't breath...head still and body rotating around it. I breath more when I want to take it easier on my neck.

Watch again adn see fi you can see it. ;)

That's what I meant sorry, typo, I did watch again though :-)

CoachSuzanne 04-28-2016 05:32 AM


Originally Posted by deggy1 (Post 58470)
That's what I meant sorry, typo, I did watch again though :-)

Oh good! Sorry to be a pest

jenson1a 04-28-2016 10:04 AM


It looks easy because i've practiced focal points using deliberate practice principals for 7 years now, thanks to Terry's teaching, and jus tprior to that, Maria filmed those other clips, gave me immediate feedback. Tiny changes I made for the 100 included left arm wider and left arm stable while breathing (you can see those flaws after the first 100...the were minimized after I saw them).

Anyone can do it if you let go of time or outcome. The growth is in the practice of the skill, not in the skill itself. Doesn't matter what the skill is, if you practice a skill you'll develop better practice habits. Don't worry about where you are in your green zone or what the time is, find a tiny thing you'd like to improve, do a standing rehearsal, do a drill for 5-10 minutes, do 10 repeats of 4-6 strokes no breath, do 10 1/2 lengths with 1 breath.

i STILL practice this way.

Great advice, but I have to learn that the goal is not how far I swam, but how well.

Thanks so much for your pointers and will use those ideas in my practice sessions. I do lack technique and this is a great way to work on it.


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