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thegt1 10-21-2010 08:31 AM

how to gain acces to the 7 years archives
Hi i've been trying to access the swim e-zine but i always get a weird command with no access to it. Any idea from anyone, thanks.

ysl123 11-04-2010 12:47 AM

u can contact Terry (email).
He will direct u to the admin who will give you the username and password.

keith 11-05-2010 08:58 PM

Access to the archived e-zine articles is now available, and the password protection has been removed. In the near future we'll be migrating these articles to Terry's blog - - but they can now be viewed at

andreasl33 11-06-2010 04:00 AM

Thanks for making them available, but as of now, they still require a password.

ysl123 11-10-2010 05:34 PM


It's https:// (http with an 's' for secure) you need to use. It works without password. I just tried it.

ysl123 11-10-2010 05:47 PM

In case you still need it :

username : tidev

password : ti_development

I got it from the admin a year back.


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