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CoachStuartMcDougal 09-22-2017 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by sclim (Post 63585)
Hey I watched the video with Mandy and the one immediately following with you annotating Joel's form which I've actually seen before, and I realize now that I'm actually not paying sufficient attention on each stroke, not just the breathing strokes, on keeping the lead hand out in front, until the other entering hand has really come up the lead hand quite a ways (depending on how much you want to practice catchup) and getting the trunk rotation at least started without using that lead hand to help you rotate. I once got pretty good at that, even though it was with a slower tempo. I'm sure I can add that focus it back in again.

Yeah - that's common, drawing back on (or pulling) low side arm is triggered instinctively to balance the vessel. Any imbalance, low side are will rip back seeking stability. Hold lead arm in front, long edge, swim tall on breathing and non-breathing strokes. "Catch-up" is really a Cardinal sin since both arms stop or touch together in front which stunts rotation and its momentum - and triggers a pull or ripping low side arm back after the touch together or "catch-up". Instead, visualize it as a transition with both arms in front. Much like in the "swim nod" demo, both arms transition together in front of head as body rotates to opposite edge.


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