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jafaremraf 11-02-2014 10:37 AM

There is a different search function just for the forums.....look at the headers above the actual messages, in the section below where the search box you have been using is. I think you have been using the Seach box to search the site, not the forums!

WFEGb 11-02-2014 12:20 PM

Hello aquasum,

have a look at my appended Picture. I tried to mark the dobled arrow heads there...

Best regards,

PS: You're linking to ?orum with

aquascum 11-02-2014 01:22 PM

Thank you for the help guys, but... that doesn't work all that well either. I only get one 'Garmin thread' from an advanced search:

But nevermind!

Swim computers? Swim watches? Acttivity trackers? Lane counters? GPS tracker? Heartrate monitors?

WFEGb 11-02-2014 09:21 PM

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Hello aquasum,

don't know whats about, but search on "Garmin" shows seven threads in my search... Look at the appended screenshot...

Best regards,

Talvi 11-03-2014 09:37 AM


You're just going to nhave to play about with the buttons Aquascum!

First start reading ALL the information on the pages you are interacting with. For instance, our first exchange was because you didn't read the drop-down box first. You just entered something clicked Go.

So, READ the whole of the Advanced Seacrh page and familiarize yourself with it. THEN try DIFFERENT search terms. Get some experience of doing it and you'll quickly learn.

Werner got different results to you because his search was more specific. You just typed in Garmin and hit Go again! There's no fault with the system in this. All those threads you got have the word Garmin in them ... somewhere.

Work on the problem yourself a bit first. Try things out. Read and click on everything on the page you can find. See wat happens. If THEN you get a problem, cme back here and list out exactly and all the steps you carried out. We can then see what you did aand what you did wrong, but at the moment ... well

danm 11-03-2014 12:18 PM

I have the Garmin Swim, it's the only thing I ever had. It does what it says without issues. It doesn't have GPS but given the limitation of any GPS watch for swimming (no signal underwater) I am not sure how much of an advantage GPS in a swimming watch really is.
If you have any specific questions about it, just ask.

Talvi 11-04-2014 02:53 PM

The GPS is ok over about 200m and if you don't stop for a breather. If you do stop then it gets confused because it loses the signal for such a long time. The GPS is great for skiing (running, cycling etc).

aquascum 11-04-2014 03:42 PM

Yes talvi, you are right, I don't come to this unwieldy forum to enjoy fiddling my way through microsettings. I used the big, obvious, prominently placed, seemingly ready-to-use search option, and was disappointed that I didn't get any result. So I mentioned that in my op. Shame on me.

Talvi 11-04-2014 03:52 PM

LoL. It's a pain but worth it and it actually takes less time. The search function has its limitations but it becomes more useful the more you interact here. Good luck with it and with your decision. Let's know what you choose in the end, and why.

machelett 11-07-2014 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by Talvi (Post 49219)
The GPS is ok over about 200m and if you don't stop for a breather. If you do stop then it gets confused because it loses the signal for such a long time. The GPS is great for skiing (running, cycling etc).

I have to chime in here: GPS works great in open water if you put the GPS watch (or receiver pod, depending on your system) under you swim cap. I've tried it many times and the accuracy you get is at least on a par with running, most of the time even better because usually in open water you have no trees and other stuff blocking the line of sight to the satellites.

DC Rainmaker has a great article on GPS receiver placement for open water swimming.

Here's one of my swims around my favorite lake. I swam counterclockwise and you can even see how I had trouble for the first kilometer or so to swim a straight line. The little zigzag pattern is how I actually swam. When I realized I was off course, I changed direction and kept doing that quite a few times. You can even see where I loitered to look around (the "knotty" spots) later during the swim.

I used a Garmin Forerunner 310XT.

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