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Puff 11-13-2013 12:07 AM

Wonderful day in my life
Hi, I just want to write a few word about a beautiful day in my life append a few weeks ago. On August 17 I received a phone call from Charles…he asked me if I have something to do on Sunday….because Terry Laughlin will be at Montreal and I’m looking for someone who wants to do some length with us. Wow ! My first Christmas gift for 2013….I will be there for sure, it’s just amazing. So, the next day I went to the pool and meet Terry and Suzanne. It was a wonderful day in my life.

I began to swim 10 months before…unable to swim a full length (25 meters)…but I had to learn rapidly because I did my inscription to a Half IronMan who will be on September 7. So, after some research on internet I found “total Immersion” and began to learn by myself with the TI videos. Finally, after a couple of session, I was able to swim at a pace of 2:10/100m on a 2000m.

Terry became I kind of superhero for me…and I will meet him… … no word… …

So, 10 months after I’m in the pool with “Mr. TI”. In 2 hour’s I learn a lot of thing: head position, elbow, recovery, resolved some problem for my “rock feet” who drops dramatically. Two days after I tried those new tips in open water…and cut 5 minutes on a 2km with less effort.

Since, I did my first Half IronMan, finished with a time of 5h38…with a big smile on my face and without pain… and the swim was the easiest part.

This week, I begin my training for my first full IronMan (2014 august 17 at Mt-Tremblant). I will continue to swim as per TI teach…and under supervision of Charles.

Finally, I want to say a big thanks to Terry, Suzanne, and Charles for the wonderful day.

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