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baz_w 03-24-2014 03:38 PM

What's your fish?
Feeling my practice had plateaued if not slipped back a bit I've payed a number of visits to the site recently to see if I could pick up any new ideas and perhaps refresh my internal injunctions towards focus. I took away three things (actually there was a lot of interesting points - but only three I could remember next morning in the pool!)
1. Coach Terrys’ ‘slow down’.
2. Focus on propelling the body forward not pushing water back. (Sorry forget who to credit this with and haven’t been able to find it since.)
3.The punch line of of the Tai Chi Master story told by Talvi.
“If you have one eye on your goal then you have only one eye left for your practice.”
These were fairly immediately effective in reviving the joy of moving thro’ the water, not that it was entirely lost by any means. I am not unfamiliar with ‘the sweet spot’ (or at least my understanding of it) even if I couldn’t reliably hit it - but today - I was aware I was in the ‘groove’, I’d had to acknowledge and let go some extraneous thought but was achieving a high level of relaxed attentiveness, feeling the water, not fighting it when the image of a Sunfish popped into my mind. There is some recent stimulus for this, see the link -
and I have been lucky enough to see this wonderful creature in it natural habitat several times. Most fish can glide gracefully thro’ the water but the sunfish seems to achieve is without moving a muscle, certainly not a fast twitch muscle. Holding that visualisation seemed to move me onto another plane and I’m sure there would have been an observable improvement in my before and after stroke! Had I set ‘sweetspot’ to low or had I gone through to ‘oneness’. All I know is I want more of it. Sorry Shinji - your stroke was my previous visualisation but you’re second to a sunfish now.

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