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Ken B 09-01-2017 12:03 AM

Hi Terry,

big hugs from the Southern Hemisphere. I owe you. I found your book in the library one wet winter day when I was 67
. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I had been a keen but struggling swimmer all my life and you promised me improvement and ease. Now I am 78 and more excited than ever about swimming. I've made more progress in the pool over our winter and am looking forward to taking it outdoors soon. Any of your instructors would have got me to where I am now in 2 years but it has been a marvellous adventure that I can't get enough of. I describe it to my buddhist friend as my moving meditation. Perhaps it is because it is as close as we land bound creatures can get to weightlessness? I find a swim in open water totally exhilarating.
I enjoyed your videos with Danny. I find myself chi walking, watching my momentum and gravity swing me past my place holding foot, not much difference to swimming I think. I loved your story about swimming with
Carrie too, real feel good stuff. All the best, and thank you.

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