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garytrump 07-15-2010 01:03 AM

rotator cuff tear
hi all, would appreciate any reply: i have a rotator cuff tear and have been grounded for over a month. have had one cortisone injection on the top of the cuff and several physical therapy sessions. am seriously considering arthroscopic surgery b/c healing does not seem to be progressing! there anyone out here who has had a rc tear and what did you do about it and how long until you were back in the water???
...all the best to everyone....gary trump

lanceryoung 07-15-2010 03:01 AM

Supaspinatus RCT
I tore my left Supaspinatus back in 2006, had surgery in the Spring of 2007.
Downtime was ~9 weeks, but my arm was very weak for several months thereafter. I tore my right Supaspinatus back in mid June, and will have surgery July 27th. Main part of PT is keeping the shoulder from locking up.


AWP 07-15-2010 03:38 AM


I opted for the surgery and couldn't be happier. After a long period (years) in dealing with my shoulder I felt enough is enough. I had a great Dr. in a top rate facility.
It was thought initially (MRI) that I had a full tear, looked at months of rehab. Turns out small tear, "fray" they called it, tons of bursitis plus a bone spur! Snipped the fraying, shaved the spur and cleaned out the bursitis(tissue) and my 7+ weeks of recovery turned into 7+ days!! Yes, I got back in the water after a week, however, this I feel now was still pushing it. I recalled Terry's documented recovery from an injury and began my own in- water therapy, ever so gently. After that week of focused, super gentle, gentle drilling and positioning I was taking my first strokes with my newly revamped shoulder. Each week the percentile of my recovery increased along with my strength and confidence. In less than a month's time I was good to go, full steam.
I credit the way, the quality, of how I was swimming, before and after, along with some volume for making my recovery even better and quicker.
I'm pain free after many years of dealing periodically with this.
Do your homework, talk plainly with your Dr. and ask yourself what it is you hope to gain.
Chalk this vote up to surgery, you can deal with it other ways but the problem will not go away and your mobility will continue to deteriorate.
Muck luck and hapiness.



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