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dshen 10-08-2011 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by jenson1a (Post 22408)
You commented that you noticed that when spearing on your left side, the propulsion wasn't as great as it was on the right. I have the same problem, only on the right side. Tried to figure out what I was doing differently, but so far haven't come up with anything. Have you reached any conclusions?

i am reasonably certain that, in my case, it is a problem that is some combo of these:

1. my kick timing is not quite right to sync with my spear

2. my hip drive on my left is not as coordinated as on my right side.

3. i am also overreaching on occasion with my spear and need to make it enter the water earlier, versus reaching almost all the way out until my arm is nearly straight before entering the water, where it loses my ability to maximize the weight shift's contribution to the energy of the spear.

4. there may be loss of streamline during the left spear which may be the cause of faster deceleration i experience on the left side.

i have been breaking down the elements and starting to return to basics. i am also seeing if Shinji or Dave Cameron have some time to work with me on this issue. It is annoying to have 50% or so of my left side speed disappear, which equates to probably about 25% of my total speed.

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