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naj 11-12-2010 10:44 PM

Bridge 2 Bridge 10K Swim Race in S.F.
Hey all you open water marathon swimmers. The Olympic Club's annual 10K Bridge 2 Bridge swim - held in San Francisco - has officially opened its registration for the event to be held on 9-10-11.

Two years ago TI Coach Dave Berra swam this great 6.2 mile course and on the same day - though not with this group - I did my first 10K on the same course.

This is a great ow event held here in S.F., and I will be on the main boat throwing people off at the start of the race. It is current assisted so getting under 2.5 hrs should be doable for even a novice.

Check out the website here and sign up now!

If you need a place to stay you can always crash at my house and go swimming with me in Aquatic Park to acclimate yourself prior to the race. Hope to see some of you next year!

Keep Swimming!

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