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old man 07-18-2010 09:02 AM

Wind & waves vs. distance
Help again please…
(different {potential} problem, but same swim as 'Freezing COLD, even in a Wetsuit')
can anyone generalise, or is the question I'm about to ask too specific?
the end point is fixed, however the starting point isn't: we've a choice of where we set off from.
a. would you swim a longer distance (3/4 mile further) with the wind (15-20mph), at say a 30 degree angle to your line of travel (blowing from behind you), or
b. swim a shorter distance (3/4 mile less), at a 90degree angle to the wind?
Hope that makes sense?
thanks in advance

I think I've sorted out my cold in a wetsuit scenario if anyone's in the same position and needs advice (I'd like to contribute, rather than just asking questions all the time).

westyswoods 07-18-2010 10:23 AM

Hey Old Man,

Lets hear it. This forum is for lessons learned to be shared with others as well. Knowledge is not worth having unless it can be shared and used by others.

I will be interested in seeing the responses to your question.

Be Well Swim Silent

ewa.swimmer 07-18-2010 02:45 PM

If this was for a race I'd pick the shorter distance.

I'm thinking it probably is not. For practice I'd mix it up so you can see how you will need to alter your stroke for different race conditions.

old man 07-19-2010 06:21 AM

(thanks for response ewa.swimmer, but it's not a race, more of a charity swim)

Here we go then Westy, my input…
all fairly obvious, but I think it's a combination of little's that make the difference, rather than a single solution!

Swimming technique…
just as Terry Laughlin explains how small muscles tire easily, then my figuring is they probably don't have the capacity to generate (a lot of) warmth. So I've started over-extending, over-rotating, over-'anything' really, as long as I'm using my core! My stroke rate has probably dropped slightly, rather than increased, but I'm putting a lot more effort into each stroke.

Even thou my wetsuit looks as if it's painted on I've managed to layer a 0.5mm neoprene, titanium lined, (Thermabase?), short john, underneath.
I had a swim cap, which luckily disintegrated, and while searching for a new one I came across a pretty thick neoprene 'helmet', with a chin strap. I layer this with a neoprene beanie - helmet underneath. The helmet also keeps water out of ear-plugs/ears. Those large goggles Terry Laughlin wears in his DVD's are great - sounds mad, but they tend to keep your face warmer than the small 'swimming pool' type goggles.

Try and train later in the day if it all possible, and make sure you eat (& drink) enough - I was training 1st thing every morning on nothing more than a fruit juice. Acid reflux tends to affect me, in the pool (if I'm careless with eating practices), more so than in very cold water, so I make sure to pile in the calories.

If cramp's affecting anyone my solution is to curl up into a foetal position for 20secs (wetsuit keeps me afloat) every lap - my laps working out at 1/2 mile intervals.

If chafing's a problem there's an amazing product (called Lanacane in the UK), that resolves the issue.

Suppose I've just 'advertised' a product there - am I allowed to do that? If not apologies, if I am I should've also mentioned companies responsible for the thermal short john, and the helmet.

And finally: urinating in your wetsuit! Not sure if it's the actual act of urinating, or the fact you've just 'injected' a warm fluid into your wetsuit? Sounds awful, but definitely works.


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