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Pavel Nosikov 09-16-2012 11:06 AM

Problems with exercises in Lesson 1. What to do next?
Hi everyone!
I got aquainted with TI in 2008 and restudied swimming since then.
Actually I tell everybody that before that time I couldn't swim.
But I restuidied incorrectly, so I now swim very slowly and inneffiently, without a balanced position in water. I decided to restudy swimming again and study learning materials more carefully.

I started from Lesson 1 from the book and had been doing these exercises for 45 minutes.
I haven't managed to find balance. In Exercise 1 my legs are pulling my body downwards if I don't make strokes.
In Exercise 2 my arm doesn't come out of the water (as it is prescribed in the material).
And when I try to move weight to an upper part of a body and dive my head into water, some moment it sinks and I choke with water.

So I practiced swimming on both my body sides and in active balance (changing positions betwen them), but my weight center is still in a lower part of a body and it sinks.

I realize that I cound continue practicing Lesson 1 but this idea doesn't seem productive to me because I didn't make any progress in finding balance myself through these exercises.

So what to do, your advices?

CoachToddE 09-16-2012 04:06 PM

My feet tend to sink as well when I do the superman glide without a gentle flutter kick. Try a very gentle flutter kick, just enough to get your feet to stay at the surface and allow you to concentrate on feeling the balance, head hanging between your shoulders, arm extended forward reaching out over the hood of the VW with hands towards the bumper.

With this success you should be able to progress again.

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