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bnichols4 11-23-2009 06:48 PM

Bosu ball
Dear Forum participants

During the past 2 months I have utilized the bosu ball (half ball you’ll find at most gyms) as a way to work on balance and core development. I have advanced from basically just standing on the bosu ball to now being able to do 1 leg stands for 15 seconds and recently more advanced exercises utilizing very light dumbells (1 - 3lbs) to do over head one arm presses and a variety of other exercise. Such as squats, Dumbbell swings (1 - 3lbs), between legs and arms to the side and front. I have found that barefoot or with a minimal shoe really help to recruit the use of the muscles in my feet all the way up and through the core.

I really believe that the bosu ball exercises has helped me with balance, and core strength which in turn has helped me with propulsion while swimming as well. I just finished reading an article in FitnessRx that Darra Torres started using the bosu ball. My question is has anyone else had an opportunity to include the use of the Bosu ball and if so what results have you had?

Even before starting to use the bosu ball I would practice standing (barefoot) on the ground looking straight ahead with my eyes closed arms to my side. Then slowly lift one leg, and turn my head, repeat to the other side. This exercise really helped me to understand why working on balance was as important as working on speed, endurance and strength.

CoachDave 11-23-2009 10:50 PM

Bosu and others
Most of our strength training for our youth swimmers involves use of one of our stability equipment items. BOSU, Physio balls, and especially the TRX systems are big with some of the best swim programs around. Do your normal curls and lifts while standing on the BOSU, and you'll see, like in the water, how shifting weight in one place effects balance and posture throughout.

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