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dobarton 07-24-2011 04:22 PM

TT love
Hey guys,
I've been posting about my experiments with TT and with stroke rate vs stroke length. I've been increasingly impressed that stroke length makes all the difference in the world, so I've become rather outspoken. So I won't feel bad if you ignore this post, but...

As Terry has suggested in the past, I've been concentrating on shorter distances with the TT to great benefit. I've mentioned before my increases in short distance speed, but now I'm seeing big benefits over longer distances as well.
Last month, I had my first 1650 m swim with a TT. I set my stroke rate at 1.1 and finished in 1690 strokes. Since then, I've really concentrated on 100's at lowest possible count at gradually increasing rates. TODAY, I did the same 1650 m swim at TT of 1.1 and finished in only 1570 strokes SAVING MYSELF 2:13 in time!!! WooHooo!!!! This is still 23 strokes/25 meters including turn intervals. I know that I can do 19 or 20 strokes/25 meters over 100 meters at TT=1.1 so there is lots of room for improvement!
Looking for a 25 min 1650 doesn't sound so impossible anymore if I keep focussing on efficiency.
Now, I will add that saving that many strokes did NOT leave me much less tired than the same swim a month ago. But it sure feels good to see progress!
Anyhow, keep working on efficiency. It really pays off!!

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