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mbruse 07-10-2012 05:59 AM

Finis Swim sense accurate stroke counts?
Tonight I asked the lifeguard to count my strokes to see how accurate my watch is. She counted 12 and my watch said 7.

Has anyone had similar problems with the stroke count?

Watch say my avg is usually 10-11 strokes.

nicka 07-10-2012 08:54 AM

Was your first and last stroke the hand with the watch on, also the watch will only count one arm, mine is brilliant for lap counts but i would never trust the stroke count to much.

ashby 07-10-2012 11:22 AM

Yes mine misses strokes all the time... but it is reliable with lap times.

ian mac 07-10-2012 12:58 PM

why use the watch?
Forgive me, as I do use a tempo trainer to time my stroke rate, but I would highly recommend that you count your strokes per length yourself. Concentrating on SPL is one of the most fundamental ways we can improve our swimming. Toys are useful, but ultimately it is all about the body and mind working together, not instruments.
ian mac

KatieK 07-10-2012 03:44 PM

Most people count one stroke for every hand entry. The SwimSense only counts every other hand entry (the hand where the watch is).

So if you take 17 strokes, the watch may record 8 or 9. I also think it records an extra stroke when I initiate the flip turn.

I count my strokes no matter what. But even though I'm counting, there's no way I can remember every stroke count for a long swim. The SwimSense's rough estimate shows a trend which is sometimes nice to see.

mbruse 07-11-2012 02:28 AM

Great feedback. I think I'm going to start counting.

How about the efficiency measure? The instructions say it strokes + speed.

I range from 32 best to 48. Mostly in high 40s.

Since the strokes are off is it any use.

ian mac 07-11-2012 05:53 AM

Not quite right
I am not sure what "instructions" you are referring to. However most swimming theory suggests that: speed = Strokes per length (SPL) x stroke rate (SR).
Total Immersion and most other swim references refer to each hand entry as a stroke.

Your last post is somewhat vague. What exactly are you referring to when you talk about 32 and 48? Many people are happy to help and encourage, but I would suggest that you become a bit more familiar with the jargon that TI people like to use in order to effect the best communication.
ian mac

tomoy 07-11-2012 06:50 AM


Originally Posted by mbruse (Post 29245)
I range from 32 best to 48. Mostly in high 40s

Is this the number of hand-entries per 50 meter pool length?

stratcat 07-11-2012 08:00 AM

Not sure about the Finis, but some of these watches do a score (Swolf score?) which is based on number of strokes with one hand + the time over 25m.

(Of course, for obvious reasons the watches can only measure the number of strokes taken with one hand!).

So - a stroke count of 9 from the watch (i.e. taken from one hand, so roughly 18 for a normal stroke count) plus 30 seconds would give you a score of 38.

For me, it's not super accurate (it may record the turn or other excess arm movements as extra strokes, or may be a second or two extra if you have to press buttons at the end of a set like I do on the Pool Mate watch). But - it's still useful as a rough guide to efficiency, over the course of a session and particularly over a period of weeks/months. I still do a "manual" stroke count/time check occasionally though which gives me a much more precise measure.


Donal F 07-11-2012 12:03 PM

"So - a stroke count of 9 from the watch (i.e. taken from one hand, so roughly 18 for a normal stroke count) plus 30 seconds would give you a score of 38."

Actually 48. That's also called swim golf. My Poolmate calculates some sort of efficiency index, as did my former stroke-counting watch, Bill Geiser's Stroke Monitor, but I prefer to look at SPL and Average Velocity directly.

BTW, I've noticed that FINA stats are all in stroke cycles instead of individual hand strokes. Doesn't matter for short axis, but does for long axis.

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