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ScoopUK 09-29-2016 11:38 AM

Cross training
Is anyone else out there doing any cross training? Given the nature of triathlon I've been doing a big block of road cycling the last month and hadn't swum for couple of weeks.

Hit the pool yesterday with club and found despite minimal rest I coped better with what others said was a tough session and also where flip turns used to make me feel oxygen deprived it didn't cause me anywhere near as much discomfort. Seems I've made some good aerobic gains.

I keep saying I'll concentrate on just one sport sometime but they are so complimentary I'm scared to lose the cross training benefits.

Anyone cross training specifically to improve their swimming? I've noticed the current era of sprint swimmers spend more time in the gym than they do the pool.

CoachBillGreentree 10-25-2016 01:34 AM

When I'm triathlon training I tend to shift focuses between disciplines fairly regularly. But I never drop any of the non focus disciplines completely. There's always something to do with them.

Cross training beyond the 3 disciplines for me involves weekly strength training using a TRX (primarily) and some free weights. Plus I have a single Pilates Reformer session per week. I'm mostly trying to build core strength rather than pure power. I find the focus on core helps tremendously and also is vital to my pain management due to a chronic backs issue.

As for swimming: I find that I use the non-swim weeks (where my swimming yardage is reduced) a great time to focus on form and technique rather than base building or other such items. I'm also swimming briefly after every long run or hard run/bike ride. 10 -15 minutes in open water or a pool just stretching out and doing something other than hammering the various leg muscles. I do not count those sessions in my weekly training totals btw, but they're great for form work. I find these shorter sessions far more valuable than x reps of lat pull downs in my strength training (though those help as well).

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