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nat23 06-14-2016 03:04 AM

After watching a lot of videos on you tube of TI coaches and paying special attention to their breathing techniques , combined with reading various posts on the forums, I have reached the following conclusions:

1) All coaches exhale slowly but continuously in head down position making sure they have air in their lungs for drills. Thereby controlling the air exhalation to support their goals in head down position.

2) However when they roll to breathe the exhale quickly to get rid of all the air such that when they break the surface they are taking in fresh air

3) Exhaling all the air before taking in fresh air is imperative.

Could someone confirm all of the above conclusions? If these points are true then synchronization between inhaling and exhaling has to be acquired rather than happening naturally for someone like me.


CoachBobM 06-16-2016 09:40 AM

I'd reword point 2 a bit. What you want to do is to exhale the last 20% of the air in your lungs through your nose just as it is breaking the surface of the water. This will help to insure that you don't inhale water into your nose (as might happen if you exhale all the way before reaching the surface).


ti97 06-16-2016 10:14 PM


Do you think that it is a defect to hold breath for two pulls and exhale only during the third pull? This feels more natural to me although sometimes I continuously exhale when breathing every 3rd stroke.

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