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sasquatch 10-26-2010 10:50 PM

Thermal Shirt
Anyone over tried a thermal shirt?

Do they actually help keep your core warmer?

I don't want to use a wet suit, but would like to keep swimming in OW as long as I can. We had snow yesterday, so freezing lakes can't be far off.

AWP 10-27-2010 12:29 AM


Do they actually help keep your core warmer?


My swim partner this season uses a wetsuit regularly (sleeveless). On the occasion of a 10K swim he chose to also wear a thermal shirt; water temp was 64F-65F, not terribly cold but over a 6 mile distance can become quite chilly. Afterwards, he was shivering more than me, just saying. Could be because he always wore a suit and wasn't quite acclimated. How acclimated are you? Water temps?

sasquatch 10-27-2010 03:19 PM

cool with cold
I'm pretty used to the cold and much prefer swimming in colder waters. Never worn a wet-suit even for longer swims (2+ hours) in ~55 deg water. I usually only get chilled upon exit when air temps are also low. I don't imagine the shirt would help with that anyway.

I don't know that It would be worth it for me to buy, but thought I'd ask just in case it might help me when temps drop below 50.

Thanks for the info.

AWP 10-27-2010 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by sasquatch (Post 14272)
I usually only get chilled upon exit when air temps are also low. I don't imagine the shirt would help with that anyway.
Thanks for the info.

Only if you don it afterwards, perhaps, but any ol' sweatshirt would do. You're a cold water beast already!
My longest duration in 57-58F was approx. one hour, will have to go longer. Water temps here are still holding @ approx. 61-62F which, even on a somewhat cloudy day, makes for a pleasant experience. There's nothing nicer than the shine and warmth of the sun on your face during a cool swim. When it hides behind clouds it does become a 'challenge' in chilly temps, I agree.
Maybe experiment with your intake i.e. hot nutrition and liquids, before, during and after?
A mobile hot tub would be a great help/motivator!

naj 10-27-2010 07:38 PM


If you can handle the mid 50s for an hour then you can go without a thermal shirt. I go year round without that stuff and it drops as low as 47F here in S.F., it is a process of acclimation and I would advise using the 10% rule. By that I mean to incrementally stay in longer than you did your previous time (i.e. last time 30mins, next 35mins). Whatever you decide to do, please take AWP's advice and regarding getting warm immediately upon exiting the water. Remember your core body temp will continue to drop after you have left the water. Good luck and stay in the cold water its awesome!


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