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CoachDave 01-20-2009 03:07 PM

Test Set for Technique
This is something I like to include in someone's lessons when they feel they are past the point where they should be moving the yardage back up. The most important thing to me is whether they hold form as they increase distance. Usually, one area of focus slips before others, and it usually leads to those others. I use the following chart on a test set 500. This is a strong but smooth swim with the goal of holding the same pace throughout. Almost always, the client slows down as it continues, and they see the direct corrolation between higher stroke count and slower times each split.
For the focal points, I will write a tiny note (this is a small version of the full chart) and if I feel it connects to another fault, draw a line to it. early on in a swim, we usually see consistency for 100-150 in pace and Stroke Count, but then one things slips and everything starts to slip. Why does this matter? Holding that first thing together will be that client's first order of business in developing endurance.
Stroke counts are measured on the way out, time is marked at each 50. This is possible but difficult to do for two people at once.
hmmmmm I've been trying to upload it but until I convert it to a pdf I don't think I can. Try making a spreadsheet with the following on it in columns:
distance Stroke Count Overall Time Split Time Hip Snap Front Quadrant Parallel Tracks Elbow-lead Symmetry Head Position Kick Effort Level or relaxation

and the following as rows:
average (for stroke count and split)
and as soon as I can upload it, I will!

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