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Suddethb 08-09-2009 03:23 AM

Difference between "Easy Freestyle" DVD and the "Freestyle Made Easy" DVD?
The descriptions sound similar, but with a bit more explanation and examples. Is it basically the same information shown better, or have the drills and basic concepts changed?

Claire 08-09-2009 05:31 PM

I would recommend getting Easy Freestyle (the newer DVD), and not Freestyle Made Easy. My husband learned from FME and I am learning from the second one (EF). I have watched them both. EF has some different drills and, more importantly IMHO, alters some drills in important ways. My husband is having issues with over-rotation and he thinks it's because of how he interpreted the drills on FME, which can easily (and did) lead to too much rotation/stacked shoulders, etc. EF has great side-by-side comparisons of proper and improper form, and clearer and more detailed descriptions.


jjbeito 10-04-2015 02:11 PM

Thanks for your feedback on the differences between the two DVDs-- "Freestyle: Made Easy (2007)" and "Easy Freestyle Swimming by Terry Laughlin (2008). In reviewing the descriptions of each video, the early version promotes the next progression in buddy training while the latter does not. I was also curious to know if the more recent 2008 version covered the buddy system training drills as well.



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