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jkmacman 10-19-2009 09:46 PM

What do you do when you're in the water?
Is this a swimming forum? I thought I read here that someone swam 10K in under 1.5 hours yesterday in s.F. bay?

After being a member of one pool or another for around 15 years, I finally took lessons this summer from a TI coach.

I have the TI book and now own 3 TI videos. A couple of years ago I started doing Triathlon's so I'd like to improve the speed of my freestyle.

What do you practice when you're in the water? I was in the pool over the week end (yesterday) for a short time and didn't have the lane to myself.

I do some triple stich drills, some one arm drills, some back stroke mixed w/ freesyle (4 back strokes + 3 free style). As well as some breast stroke.

Although I haven't been swimming nearly enough, I'm happy with my freestyle progress. I don't do many flip turns, but I have a nice rebound off the wall, my coach showed my for freestyle & back stroke.

I hope to swim more efficiently, more frequently and get faster on freestyle & back stroke and eventually add butterfly and breast stroke.

Swimming a 17.5 mile race in NY harbor could be an awesome goal


2009 Swim Series
Congratulations to Julie Sheldon, the winner of this year's Ederle Swim; full results will be available shortly. Thank you to all of the swimmers and volunteers who helped to make this year's race a success.

Ederle Swim

This is a low-key event, harkening back to the earlier days of open-water swimming, but there's nothing low-key about the challenges of following Gertrude Ederle's 17.5-mile swim course from Battery Park to Sandy Hook, NJ. Recent swimmers have had to contend with severe chop, fog, and unseasonably warm temperatures as they made the crossing through New York Harbor, yet with today's knowledge of the tides, most participants cover the course faster Ederle's record, which lasted from 1925 until 2006. With especially fast tides in 2009, the record may drop again.

jkmacman 11-11-2009 03:45 PM

Backstroke - The Other Long Axis Stroke
Over the summer my t1 coach introduced me to the long axis drills. over the next several months i plan on doing the bulk if not all my swimming in a local 24 hr fitness, whose name is misleading since it infers its open entirely 24 hours, and the swim area is closed 11pm-5a.

As much as i struggle to get my work outs in my wife complains that me getting up at 5 am every day has ill effects on her. Although i do get up early every day, as a tri guy i don't spend enough time in the pool. the paltry 3 lap lanes, with no definitive slow-med-fast, can mean planning ahead and getting a large allotment of lap times near impossible, some one jumps in the lane and wants to do jumping jacks, another person insits on swimming down the center of the lane doing 2 handed back strokes.

With this in mind, I like the long axis drill alternating freestyle and backstoke, as it's easy to keep an eye on who's getting in and out of the pool, as well as working on my 2 main strokes, and trying to improve balance in and out of sweet spot. This and zipper switchers will be my main area of focus in the pool over the upcomming winter months!


Originally Posted by Backstroke - The Other Long Axis Stroke: How to use backstroke to enhance your freestyle, By Terry Laughlin
5. Practice long-axis combinations. A long-axis “combo” is several strokes of backstroke alternating with several of freestyle. You can do this while swimming whole-stroke, or in stroke drills. The longaxis combo helps in two ways. First, the full 360-degree rotation forces you to pay a bit more attention to maintaining a long, clean body line than while swimming either stroke by itself. Second, it reinforces the common aspects of the two strokes. Improvement in your backstroke will more directly benefit your freestyle if you switch between them more frequently. Start by alternating one length of back and one of free, just to get used to switching strokes. Then do a half-length of each, switching at mid-pool. Finally practice switching from one to the other several times in each length (a good combination is four armstrokes of backstroke followed by three armstrokes of freestyle).

naj 11-11-2009 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by jkmacman (Post 6419)
Is this a swimming forum? I thought I read here that someone swam 10K in under 1.5 hours yesterday in s.F. bay?

Swimming a 17.5 mile race in NY harbor could be an awesome goal

jkmacman, I'm the one who did the 10K, and yes I did it in 1hr:29mins in the San Francisco Bay on October 17th of this year. One year to the day that I learned to swim and swim TI. How did I do it? Well, hard work on my TI form and a great flood tide of 3.5 knots :) But that is the glory of ow swimming you get help from the currents at times.

As for your 17.5 mile race, work up to it slowly with lesser races , get a solid coach if you can who can advise you on race strategy, nutrition, training etc and then go for it! I believe you can do it! Good luck :)

jkmacman 11-13-2009 08:01 PM


I believe you can do it!
Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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