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Zenturtle 07-22-2016 01:37 PM

Swimming always fogs up my goggles, but defogs my brain.

Ken B 07-23-2016 01:24 AM

ZT I've discovered that a squirt and rinse of the wash foam in the changing shed keeps my goggles clear for a whole swim. I've used the same goggles for two seasons, no problem.

lloyddinma 08-22-2016 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Amber1 (Post 59915)
I have always thought that it is impossible to get new brain cells, that the process of their renewal is impossible biologically. is the place where I found out about books on motivation.

Boy, I have been so hardwired to go to the freestyle forum. I will be coming here more often.

The last I followed the subject, there was no verified neurogenesis in the prefrontal cortex. Just around, the mid and rear end (brain stem). As you know different areas of the brain serve different functions. But I still think it is possible.

However, I am not sold on the notion that ADD is a disorder. Some vocations necessitate individuals who have it such as high-level personal assistants and executives who need to switch from subject to subject. The human brain has gone through evolution to facilitate technology. Every activity modifies the brain. And then there is epigemetic which is a whole subject altogether.

Besides with all of technology which re-wires the brain, the average person today has a relatively shorter attention span to someone 30 years ago.

When it comes to the assertion that some exercises are better at generating neurons than others, I tend to think it is the level of mindfulness those exercises require.

Indeed, I feel if you don't swim mindfully, you won't build much or any neurons. Chances are that the subjects in these very beneficial researches were mindfull swimmers.

The ultimate panacea I have settled, on is simply to be childlike in everything one does. This has myriad ramifications that touch every base: health, performance, intelligence etc.

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