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robedon 02-12-2010 07:30 PM

Charleston, SC
I'm doing the TI weekend workshop in a few weeks and looking to see if there is anyone in my area to train with after the class. thanks

forests 02-12-2010 10:12 PM

In Charleston
I've been studying/doing TI for about 8 months now. Did not take a clinic but studied videos carefully and read forum messages for every detail. I've been lap swimming for about 15 years for exercise but it was never much fun. I've finally put it all together and it feels great! Biggest problems I had were breathing and kicking. Finally mastered breathing. A subtle change like keeping my chin tucked in, looking straight down and relaxed, enabled me to streamline and rotate properly to breathe. With kicking, I finally figured my toes/ankles were not pointed enough. The two-beat came easy after that. Anyway, its fun now and I look forward to it. I swim at the Jones Center off Longpoint Rd. In Mt. Pleasant at about 7:30 a.m. Good luck with the class and drills. Its a process!

robedon 02-15-2010 12:35 AM

Thanks for the reply. That's where I've been swimming as well. I'm not sure if there is a way to exchange info privately on here. My email is if you think you might be up for exchanging some help at some point. thanks

CoachKevin 05-20-2010 08:58 PM

Workshop Venues in Charleston,SC &/or Savannah,GA
Hi, Folks.
I'm trying to set up some weekend freestyle workshops in Charleston or Savannah. If any of you can help me find a good pool I'd appreciate it. If you can send any contact details my way I'll do the leg work. If any of you actually help us get into a pool & we hold a workshop there, we'll offer you a free place at the first workshop.

forests 05-22-2010 03:26 PM

I swim in Charleston, SC area pools and I will be glad to furnish you with contact info to help secure a pool. I swim with a number of triathletes in my am swim pool. The area in general has many swimmers and triathalon want-to-be's at all skill levels and abilities. In other words, fertile ground for a TI seminar.
The pools that immediately come to mind are:
1) The Jones Center(Mt. Pleasant Recreation Dept.) 25 yd. Jeff Garrard, Aquatics Cooridinator. Phone:843.884.2528,

2) City of Charleston Pools (Martin Park, 50 meters) and others 25 yds./meters. Aquatics Manager: Freddy Lentz. Phone: 843.795.5678, email:

3) St. Andrews Family Fitness Center, 25 meters. Aquatics Supervisor: Lindsay Shuler. Phone: 843.763.3850, email:

This info covers probably 90% of the pools in the area. There are some college/university pools but don't know availability of those. Let me know how it goes.

sailingbo 05-14-2017 04:50 PM

Moving to Charleston-
Hi- At risk or trying to revive an old thread, I'm rather new to TI (read book, watched dvd, & just beginning to train) and was wondering if there was still anyone in the Charleston SC area who I might be able to train with occasionally.

I'll be moving there in a few weeks & I'm excited to get started. Thanks!


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