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caronis 01-08-2013 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by Mike from NS (Post 29073)
Thanks Suzanne for your input. I guess I was asking if there is a swimming related mechanism that would lead to tinnitus and hearing loss. An ear infection derived from unclean water might be the most likely mechanism?

Have you seen any credible results in easing tinnitus from using lipoflanvoid or any similar over the counter medications? Or any results from a "diet" of B12?


Howdy Mike,

I have been struggling with tinnitus and hearing loss for awhile. I am in my late 40's and will be finally getting hearing aids soon. I have been to the OHSU tinnitus clinic and their diagnosis was that my tinnitus was related to a "cookie-bite" type of hearing loss that was likely to be hereditary.

I never bothered to use swimmer's plugs because I never paid attention to tinnitus related changes after swimming. Maybe it was worsened, but my tinnitus can fluctuate anyway.

Lately, however, I have been concerned. I developed swimmer's ear a couple of times in the last few months. I never had it before. I somehow think it was related to my trying these bizarre ear drops that contained olive oil and garlic. I'm not sure about that, though.

I'm going to see an ENT in a couple of days because my left ear is totally plugged. I don't know if this is related to swimming, or perhaps mold, an infection, etc. I don't know. But it doesn't appear to be clearing up at all so I am very concerned.

As far as using Lipoflavnoids, that never worked for me. My understanding is that might work better for those with Meniere's Disease. There are other therapies I've tried that I can list, but it's been awhile since you posted. How has the tinnitus been for you since you last posted?

Also . . . regarding my plugged up ear. Can anyone offer any advice on this?
Can swimming cause me to get plugged up like this? I'm nervous because I don't want my hearing to get worse.

Mike from NS 01-20-2013 12:14 PM

Hi there Caronis !

Tinnitus can be really annoying and I'm sorry to hear you have this annoyance as well. I still have it and like yours it fluctuates. Sometimes mine isn't noticeable and at other times it's really loud - and it's much as Shrerry describes. (Sorry for my delay to reply ... with ski season underway and the nuisance of the spam lately, I'm checking out the site less frequently these days. Too bad there isn't a way to get rid of these people... I digress.) The OHSU clinic replied to my question asking of any known success with treatment of tinnitus with lipoflavinoids by simply saying that they haven't heard of any success with it.

I wonder if you may find your plugged ear, if not wax, may then be something like crystals that form in the eustation tube. I understand that this problem may increase a dizzy feelings. But needless to say, the ENT is the best path to follow for any resolution. I hope it goes well for you ... let us know please. I've pretty well ruled out my problems due swimming. I did try ear drops but stopped that quickly due to a burning sensation and I don't use earplugs while swimming. I do have a weakness in the sinus and some times going to the bottom (about 12 ft) causes sinus pain, as does any attempt at flip turns. The deep water seems to have no adverse affects on my ears ..... or does it ? Sometimes a severe sneeze or even a yawn brings about some cracking and momentary clearer hearing so I feel "there is hope". Years ago, after a really bad cold with plugged ears, an ENT told me they would clear up but it would take a long time in doing so. They did -- after a long time. But now the tinnitus and increased hearing loss may indicate that age is more than a number, I suppose! Good luck !


caronis 01-28-2013 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by Mike from NS (Post 34024)
Hi there Caronis !
But needless to say, the ENT is the best path to follow for any resolution. I hope it goes well for you ... let us know please. I've pretty well ruled out my problems due swimming. I did try ear drops but stopped that quickly due to a burning sensation and I don't use earplugs while swimming.

I did end up having swimmer's ear. The ENT cleared up the canal and gave me antibiotic drops to use for 10 days...I see him at the end of the month for a follow-up check.

I haven't been exercising or swimming since and am anxiously awaiting the okay to go back in the water. It's been difficult to not be swimming because I get unbalanced without it.

I am surprised that you don't use ear plugs...How necessary is it for me to use them? Do they really prevent swimmer's ear??

I am still shocked that swimmer's ear could last so long. I always thought it was temporary. Anyone else experience many problems with swimmer's ear???

CP80 01-31-2013 04:15 PM

I've been told that earplugs can also make swimmers ear worse sometimes so it's hard to know what to do. I get tinnitus but have always had problems with my ears, swimming doesn't make it better or worse, although I somtimes get dizzyness too and swimming can help with my balance.

caronis 02-01-2013 08:25 PM

ENT says I'm AOK! But are Earplugs the Swimfins of Healthcare??
I went to see the ENT Doctor yesterday and he said my ears now look good....It's been a struggle because I've kept myself away from the pool....I'm going to slowly get back into the water over the next week or two....

I have been thinking about using ear plugs, but surprisingly, the ENT doesn't think they are necessarily so effective and that if I haven't had an issue in the past, to not worry too much about it....

He even made the statement that if you don't use earplugs in the shower, why use them in the pool...unless, of course, you are immersed in cold water....

I prefer not to use swim plugs, but I have to wonder....are earplugs like swim fins, in that the underlying assumption of their derived benefits are greatly exaggerated!!!!

I would think that water in the canal is helpful at softening and clearing out I wrong in my intuition???

Mike from NS 02-01-2013 11:42 PM

Hi Caronis,

Glad to hear you are "good to go", as it were. That must have been really good news to you. Do you still have tinnitus (or did you in the first place) and if not did the ENT help in clearing it up for you? That's what started the thread .... asking if head under water may have caused my tinnitus. Lately it has been loud and today after a 3 week absence I did get back to the pool. My ringing ears tonight are no worse than last night. Part of my "play" ritual in the pool is to sit briefly on the bottom of the pool several times for a few seconds. It is 12 feet deep. Sometimes I feel the pressure and other times I don't notice it. But it's fun to practice blowing dolphin bubbles down there.

But, your question about water softening the ear wax is something that I would think might br right -- as long as the water is at least body temperature. Maybe Suzanne will reply about that. The ENT I used to go to would flush out the ear wax with warm tap water with what looked like a turkey baster. (Maybe it was !) But as far as earplugs go ... I would think it is a personal choice. And one more driven by keeping pool water (and associated bacteria) out of your ears than what would be perceived as clean water. As long as the water drains from the ear there should be nothing to foster bacteria growth. My wife had some fitted earplugs made for swimming by a hearing aid business. She used them once and decided they were more bother than they were worth. I've never used ear plugs. I do however use fins sometimes. Without the fins learning to swim (for me) would have taken much longer.

Glad to hear you will be enjoying the water once again!

Aziza 07-28-2017 08:15 AM

Well, pal, I recommend you to save your health, it is not a toy to playing, first, you have to go to the doctor! I think, it could be caused because of you are nerves, your heart is overloaded or stressed, or... a there can be a lot of reasons. Control your cardiovascular system, go to the audiologist, and THEN buy hearing aid IF you need this, I bought it for my uncle on artone, this is not Chinese rubbish, it is made in Israel with all possible care, so donít forget about the doctor:)

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