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terry 05-11-2012 12:50 PM

How fast should our 1500 (or other) Pace improve?
This is another topic raised by andyinnorway in the thread "A 'Formula' for a Faster 1500" that deserves its own thread. Improvement of course is central to the Kaizen philosophy that inspires much of the TI Method. And measured improvement is critical to the pursuit of Excellence, Mastery, Flow States, etc.

Andy writes: Even though everything is moving in the right direction, I don't think someone of my age (38) and motivation (10,000m a week over 4 sessions) and relatively novice level (28-29 minute mile), should take a year to take 90 seconds off a mile time, but it seems to be taking that long. Is this normal?

I propose the following for discussion:
Question 1: What factors would you consider in deciding what is an appropriate personal improvement goal for 1500 or a similar 'standard' distance?

Question 2: What practice-planning process would you follow to ensure you optimize and maintain your own rate of progress?

nicka 05-14-2012 11:30 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attached is a copy of my progress in a graph form.
To the left is minutes of swimming per 500 meters (20 laps of a 25 meter)
In the months leading up to logging this data i was trying to swim times faster than 12 minutes.
The progress was made while swimming in the pool and the spikes in January i am guessing are at the time i was swimming a lot of ocean swims with a wetsuit swimming longer distances where i think my technique was going backwards.
So in just over 6 months i have gone from swimming a 12 minutes 500 to 10.40 so with an improvement of 4 minutes already i think my goal of swimming a 1500 in 30 minutes taking 3 minutes off in another 6 months i think is not out of reach but a target that will not come easy and will require the same amount of work i have had to put in already.

What practice-planning process would i follow, as i have mentioned in a couple of other threads over the last couple of days is that i need to stick with a mentality of trying to swim better and not faster or longer, not get tied up technically with times or the tempo trainer but just simply swim the drills and hope the times come down naturally at a pace to achieve my goal.
Thats the plan.

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