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lloyddinma 06-03-2016 03:27 AM

Terry Laughlin

Last night, I received a blog post from Coach Matt Hudson, cross-referencing a 'challenge' that was brought to your attention in December. So, I caught up with your articles entailing how you are tackling it.

Indeed we all have or will have challenges and setbacks in different areas of our lives. I too am going through one in another area of my life.

I am very pleased with the attitude that you have displayed. It is refreshing to know that we are leaving in times where science is catching with the various mental and spiritual disciplines, making it easier for many of us plagued with educated or westernized mindsets to entertain the notion that sickness can often be remedied by correcting imbalances in either the physical, mental(psyche) or spiritual domains.

I mention physical because it is obvious that how we treat our bodies in terms of diet, exercise and so on, can have an impact. I mention mental, because the mainstream is finally percolating the notion that stress stemming from unhealthy thought processes are the most common etiology of many sicknesses and diseases.

I also mention spiritual because I do believe that the kind of person you are also plays a role down the road. Even though, I have never met you, your your persona shines through in your altruism and how affable you are. Therefore, I am persuaded that you are a wonderful person.

At a time like this you will need to focus on keeping you spirits up like you are doing. King Solomon remarked that "A sound heart is the life of the flesh." So surround and fuel yourself with plenty of positivity ahead of those "moments."

Upon joining this forum, I quickly noticed that you are an avid reader of the self-improvement genre. You have imbibed many similar materials.

Consequently, I have included two inspirational ones that I know will be instrumental on this journey of yours.

The first is Evolve Your brain by Dr. Joe Dispenza. In addition to providing scientific basis for the mind over matter doctrine, he delivers a testimony of a fatal car accident he suffered while biking he survived, decades ago. A huge segment of his spine was crushed and he had only conventional physician to rely on. Fortunately, he was deeply vested in eastern philosophies and truths. I have read another material of his titled "You are the Placebo." (I looked on Amazon and noticed he actually has other books out.)

The second is the "Open Focus Brain" by a Princeton professor called Dr.Les Fehmes. He also provides the foundation of his work. Interestingly, he has these exercises on the tapes that remind me somewhat of your drills. They appear silly at first but as you practice them they shift your awareness in profound ways and tie other truths you may have assimilated. I could go on and on about his work.

Terry, I am NOT the only one in the forum eager to see you get well from the inside and go on to other wonderful things

(I wish this for you and anyone on this journey that will only test and strengthen in new ways.)

Be well!

Tom Pamperin 06-03-2016 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by lloyddinma (Post 59363)
Terry, I am NOT the only one in the forum eager to see you get well from the inside and go on to other wonderful things

Indeed--well said, Lloydd. And thanks for bumping the thread.

Best wishes, Terry--you've brought much joy to people's lives, but you probably don't hear that as much as you should. Swimming is the best part of my day, and that's all because of you. And swimming the TI way has made me a better person in the rest of my life, which I value even more. I look forward to reading more from you when the occasion arises. Be well, as Lloydd says.

Take care.

Grant 06-03-2016 04:32 PM

Good posts Tom and Lloyd and to you Terry my profound thanks and am sending energy for your state of health in all three rhelms.
My wife of 57 years Lora died three weeks ago. It was very peaceful. Am in the grieving phase and have found many of your TI insights to be very valuable and comforting during this time. The practice of mindfulness is so powerful and soothing.
Sent with love to you and your family.

Richardsk 06-07-2016 07:38 AM


I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.


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