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lloyddinma 08-19-2015 12:06 AM

Swimming, Walking, Singing & Boxing from the Inside.
I honestly have not read Terry's book about swimming from the inside. Only read the excerpts that was emailed to subscribers and tried to apply the general message to my swim. I think it has helped me in reducing residual tension in my muscles that I still struggle with. So if the following observations overlap, it is an honest coincidence.

I tend to think that philosophies and concepts are portable: can sometimes be transferred to other domains. For instance, some of the heat/ thermodynamic formulas from the sciences like chemistry, have been used in the finance industry to model and price security products such as options, future, derivatives etc.

Had an epiphany moment today, while walking up the Upper West-Side today. I think anyone experienced strollers knows this. You have a long distance to cover --like I did-- and you take your time getting, walking with the minimum amount of effort.

Over the last few months as my swimming has improved, I have found myself no longer slouching my tall frame as most others as I walk: I hold my spine erect. Consequently, I have felt less fatigue and strain on my shoulders and neck

Today as I strolled and thought on this, it suddenly dawned on the how the core region plays a role in not just swimming but other activities. In boxing, great boxers are encouraged to punch with their backs: the core region. Singers are also taught to sing from the belly, which is the diaphragm: again the core region. Even in tennis, I think you somehow have to deploy the lower back.

This does not mean that fists, arms, throat, vocal chords play no role. Just simply that they are not the sole originator of the endeavors.

Now it is such a shame I have not found a way to type from the inside or else I would go on, playing pool etc.


alexau 05-16-2016 06:43 PM

His books is good

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