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tony0000 05-26-2015 06:23 PM

Fins for Butterfly
A TI video, (5:00), suggests that fins may be useful in learning the basic butterfly body rhythm. The fins used by the person in the film seem somewhat longer than the standard swim training fins. I am thinking of buying some fins. (With just feet, I don't seem to make a lot of progress in the water.) Could anybody provide any advice on what sort of fins would be best for learning butterfly?



sojomojo 05-27-2015 12:20 AM

Since I have a body like Danny DeVito and cursed with shoulder tendonitis, the butterfly is one stroke that I can’t do. I do, however, like to do underwater dolphin kicks. I haven’t been able to make it across the entire 25 yards underwater, but I get close. I also like to do dolphins kicks starting on my stomach, rotate to my side, rotate to my back, and rotate to my other side (barrel roll down the length of the pool).

The only way that I can do dolphin kicks is using the Aqua Sphere Alpha Fin.

I sometimes get hot spots on the top of my toes from the up kick when wearing the Alpha Fins. My remedy was to apply BodyGlide on my toes before using the fins.

The only downside to using the Alpha Fin is that you can get addicted to using it. The only limitation is you can’t do the breaststroke kick with it.

Here’s a YouTube video showing the use of Aqua Sphere Alpha Fin (it was originally called Zura Alpha Fin) for butterfly and freestyle.

CoachBobM 05-27-2015 09:12 AM

The fins used in the video are Slim Fins, which are sold at:

Be aware, though, that the youtube video you pointed to is an old Total Immersion training program. (I'm also not sure the video was posted with TI's permission, and if not, it is a violation of TI's copyright.)

The current program is outlined in the Betterfly DVD and in the book Extraordinary Swimming for Every Body, both of which are available in the Store section of this site. The new program doesn't depend on fins, which is a definite advantage, because you can't wear fins when you're in a swim meet. I originally learned butterfly using the old TI program, and it produced a terrific butterfly, but I had a lot of trouble breaking away from the use of fins once I learned it.


CoachBobM 06-02-2015 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by Patri ckCA (Post 53265)
Hi Bob,

Do you mean the current program of the butterfly DVD is "Better Fly For Every Body"? I bought one (better_fly_for_every_body.mp4) from the store (from this site) some weeks ago. But, the video quality is very bad and disappointing! The resolution of it is much much worse than the one which is promoted on Youtube. Really hope the store can check what they sell. To me, it scares me away to try buying any other one.


I was referring to this DVD:

I have the DVD and see no problem with its resolution. I have no experience with the mp4 version.


JennaF 07-03-2015 10:31 AM

thanx for helpful video!

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