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Rhoda 03-29-2009 07:42 PM

Fatigue is your friend! (no, really)
All week I've been fighting off a virus that is going around at work. All my muscles and joints ached and I felt exhausted, so I wasn't hoping for much with this morning's long swim.
My focus was just on staying as relaxed as possible, especially in the left arm. (For some reason, my left elbow has been aching more than anything else all week.) When my feet threatened to cramp towards the end of the nearly two hour session, the focus was on not pointing my toes at all, just leaving the feet loose and floppy. I didn't look at the clock - much - and even resisted the urge to speed up from time to time to compete with other swimmers, which is difficult for me. I really need blinders on my goggles. :-)
In the end, I ran out of time before I ran out of energy. Despite being about 600m short of the planned distance for this week, I'm happy with it. If I hadn't felt so crummy in the days leading up to this swim I might not have been inclined to take it easy and put all my concentration into relaxing and getting through with the minimum of effort.
Nonetheless, I'm really hoping I don't feel that bad this week!

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