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terry 05-15-2012 01:41 AM

Swimming with a light touch to increase efficiency.
I've done fewer than 10 pool sessions since Christmas. I've had a worse than usual bout of rheumatoid arthritis during that time. One result is that exerting even slightly too much would leave me feeling drained for hours. Also I tore the meniscus in my right knee (more accurately it seems it wore out--not from running, just 60+ years of living.) That kept me from doing pushoffs for three months, time for protective scar tissue to form after a cortisone shot. So most of my swimming since Christmas has been in an Endless Pool, and in a local lake since late March. (Water temp has gradually risen from 50F to 58F.)

But for the next few weeks, I plan to swim 2 to 3x/week in the 25yd pool here in New Paltz, complemented with one or two open water swims. Today was my first. Here's what I did
I set Tempo Trainer at 1.40 and swam the following pyramid
8 x 25 (rest 4 beeps)
4 x 50 (rest 5 beeps)
2 x 100 (rest 6 beeps)
1 x 200
Rest 1 minute
1 x 200 (rest 8 beeps)
2 x 100 (rest 6 beeps)
4 x 50 (rest 5 beeps)
10 x 25 (rest 10 beeps)

4 x 50 (rest 10 beeps)

My goal was to maintain same average SPL as repeat distance increased. With tempo unchanged, this equals constant pace. On the first set of 25s I started at 13SPL and improved to 12 SPL. Then I maintained 12-13 SPL up to 200 and back down to the 2nd set of 4 x 50.
On the 2nd set of 8 x 25 my goal was to reduce SPL to 11. This is harder than 12 SPL (because each 25 is 1.4 seconds faster and lower SPL requires more power) so I increased rest interval to 10 beeps (14 seconds) between 25s.
I did two extra 25s because I was dissatisfied with how I swam on two.

When I successfully completed 8 x 25 in 11 SPL, I repeated the set of 4 x 50 for a third time, but with a goal of finishing each 50 in 11+12 strokes. Goal accomplished.

This challenge of swimming fairly fast with a very low SPL is described more fully as one of four interesting Tempo/SPL challenges in this thread.

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