View Full Version : Finally swam a mile non stop too !!!

08-30-2011, 10:54 PM
Ok - like running sometimes things feel right. Tuesday night after 930 the pool is quiet so I started going up and down and at around 8 lengths felt the usual you do when at about 10 mins into a run, ie that it was getting a bit harder etc, but knew it would pass.

well it did - and I stopped counting and just kept going, and going and going. I had a quick peek at the pool clock and saw it was about 35-40 after I had got in and just kept going think - I can do another 5 mins, got to 1015 and thought, can do another 5 and at 1020 thought I really want to know how far off a mile I was - and fel like i could have just kept going.

But....I knew they shut the pool at 1030. I quickly looked at my watch at one end and saw I had 10 length to do to get to the magic 64, I shouted out to the pool attendant that I only had 10 to do and to please let me finish.

The last 10 therefore were not as relaxed as the other lengths but I finished just before 1030 having completed my first ever continuous mile in 41 mins 13 seconds and an average stroke rate of 25-26 per length ie compared to normal my stroke rate had remained the same as over much shorter distances. My stroke rate averaged 1.5.

So had my celebratory bag of maltesers (machine working in the pool reception tonight !). and am desparate to find a 750m swim as part of a triathlon before the end of the year (struggling!)

Thanks to all on here for all your tips and help.