View Full Version : Thanks to All

08-05-2011, 03:20 PM
Last weekend I swam in my first mini-tri... (500m swim, 6 mile cycling, 2.5 mile run). See that Forum area for my great experience. Today, I swam 1500m in my local club pool for the 1st time without any effort. I worked up to that over the past year. Drilling, etc. For me it's incredible because a year ago I could hardly swim 25m without getting breathless. I was never a competitive swimmer. We didn't really have pools in South Philly where I grew up. We just went under the fire plug to cool off.

Thanks to Terry, the coaches, and all of you on the forums for your help, advice, and encouragement.

FYI, I used the TI book initially, but last summer found the self-taught workshop DVD and bought it. It put me over the top!


Tony (48 years young)