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  1. minifly with breath
  2. Outside-In Kick
  3. Hand entry and shoulder strain
  4. One or two Dolphins Per Arm Stroke?
  5. sore arms
  6. head position and other questions
  7. Karate chop release and head leading the arms
  8. Underwater Dolphin Issue
  9. Slowing down butterfly
  10. Dolphin diving for distance
  11. The perils of ignoring a drill
  12. one-arm butterfly?
  13. How far should your chest sink
  14. Holding water in the dolphin kick
  15. Butterfly for Distance
  16. Stream Lining - A bit longer makes the legs to sink
  17. 4-Stroke Butterfly!
  18. Neck Strain
  19. Buoyancy and Streamlining
  20. Chasing a Wave
  21. Dragging Forearms
  22. My feet Holds water
  23. finless body dolphin
  24. Engaging the Abs
  25. Finally getting it!
  26. Breathing and butterfly
  27. Welcome to 3-Mile FLY Land!
  28. Frog Kick
  29. EVF and Butterfly
  30. New to Butter Fly
  31. Happy fly
  32. Denis Pankratov
  33. again on breathing
  34. four strokes made easy
  35. Back to Butterfly
  36. Betterfly in Chesapeake Bay Swim!
  37. Stroke Counting in Breast, Back, and Butterfly
  38. Not quite flying
  39. Need suggestions of learning body dolphin/dolphin kick as a youth.
  40. Year of the butterfly and year of the IM
  41. Next stroke: Butterfly
  42. Do you Kerplunk?
  43. Use of Tempo Trainer for fly?
  44. The Butterfly NAD Drill - Streamline / Balance exercise
  45. Cool Vollmer pix
  46. comparing different approaches to butterfly
  47. Comments and help please!
  48. Less is More -- In Fly and Everything
  49. Got the Butterfly DVD
  50. Qs on Betterfly DVD
  51. SA Combo - Finally flying with ease!
  52. Congratulations to Coach Suzanne
  53. butterfly with your hands closed in a fist
  54. Video: Can Music Improve Athletic Performance?
  55. Dolphin kick - streamline hands
  56. How can i improve on my fly? Good technique but slowest in my team?
  57. Fins for Butterfly
  58. I'm flying
  59. Shoulder Lift to Breath
  60. Exhaling
  61. Swim times for old dudes
  62. question about a safe butterfly recovery
  63. Need Help with Dolphin Kick on Back
  64. Harder Recovery
  65. Ditching the fins
  66. Not dolphin like, penguin like
  67. about the head-lead dolphin
  68. Butterfly with breaststroke kick
  69. long distance stroke length (no speed)?
  70. Fly Foray
  71. Improve yor rhythme in butterfly