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  1. The year of the backstroke?
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  3. Arch your back?
  4. Inverted Push-off
  5. Hand entry and shoulder strain
  6. Forehead slapping "duh!" moment
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  12. Recovery arm problem
  13. Problem while lifting the hand out of water
  14. Backstroke greatest propulsion occurs...
  15. Why should the elbow be locked during recovery?
  16. Backstroke Catch
  17. Pendulum hands
  18. Pull to Recover
  19. rotating Just enough
  20. Stroke count
  21. Slow recovery hand...what about kicks?
  22. Backstroke with a bottle
  23. backstroke kicking
  24. Any drill for learning 2b kick
  25. arm lead balance drill
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  28. Backstroke video
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  30. Raising Backstroke to my Freestyle standard
  31. Stroke Counting in Breast, Back, and Butterfly
  32. Following a straight line
  33. hip drive in backstroke
  34. Backstroke Count Stuck at 20
  35. Catch and throw in backstroke
  36. First backstroke post
  37. Starts and Open Turns
  38. Open turn progress
  39. Breakout progress
  40. Left stroke makes head go underwater
  41. Wrist flick in stroke recovery
  42. Backstroke
  43. Can I have lats like that, please?
  44. Lochte's beautiful catch
  45. Swimming straight
  46. A Month of Backstroke Excellence
  47. how to speed up stroke
  48. Wavelets to wash over face
  49. How to kick in backstroke?
  50. Help! One arm tighter than the other.
  51. how fast is your backstroke compared to your freestyle?
  52. Best way to get the right kicktiming?
  53. arm entry angle
  54. Technique Assistance
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  56. Tom Dolan
  57. swimpace dependant optimal posture
  58. Sore neck in backstroke
  59. my backstroke sort of stuck. Anything to fix?
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