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  1. Total Immersion Swimming for Triathletes in California!
  2. The Purpose of this Conference
  3. Triathlon Swimming Suggestions
  4. I just got mauled in a triathlon swim.
  5. Will I Be Ready?
  6. Hyperventilation while open water swimming
  7. TI-certified coach in Baltimore?
  8. Insane?
  9. HELP! 1 Month to first tri
  10. Weaning Myself off of Slim Fins
  11. Excellent deal on wetsuits
  12. To glide or not to glide (or both??)
  13. Boulder Peak Triathlon
  14. TI: A blessing or a curse?
  15. A week's progress
  16. Just Open Water
  17. How to stop running in the water
  18. Result of my triathlon
  19. Thank you!
  20. True sinker??
  21. First Ironman
  22. Off season plan
  23. My First Half Ironman
  24. Videos of my stroke technique
  25. Good !!! Good !!! Good !!!
  26. What to wear... what to wear?
  27. Interesting article- is triathlon the new golf?
  28. Wetsuit help!
  29. improving my time
  30. First TI lesson-HELP!!
  31. Triathlon Training Plans
  32. Where To Start
  33. Dilema - first TI tri
  34. TI Workshop
  35. Triathlon Swim Nausea
  36. Share stories of your first triathlon!
  37. Yikes, I choked!
  38. Fast Triathlon Swimming Split
  39. Looking for a Multi-Sport Coach who knows TI & PowerTap
  40. Hydration in Iron Man?
  41. First Triathlon - Swimming Disaster
  42. What is a stroke? How many strokes per pool length?
  43. 2-beat kick
  44. Can I learn how to swim in 7 months?
  45. Swimming faster
  46. Lance Armstrong video analysis- where did it go?
  47. I get ran over during the swim phase
  48. Heart Rate Monitors for Swimming / Polar FT7
  49. New Blog: How Triathletes (and TI) Revolutionize Freestyle
  50. Olympic and Long Course Triathlon Training Plan
  51. First triathlon, how to best ramp up distance
  52. Lance Armstrong
  53. Can TI technique also be applied to Running and Bike Ride?
  54. Half Ironman Training - non-TI Swim?
  55. Stress Fracture/ Foot...Keep Swimming???
  56. Can do ALL the TI drills properly, but lose the form in the swim
  57. Recovery
  58. Triathlon 1.4.10
  59. Wetsuit advice
  60. Race-legal Swim It saftey device
  61. Swimming
  62. Combat Swim?
  63. OWS Goggles
  64. recommendations needed!
  65. Any TI followers taking part in this ?
  66. The "D" Word, Drowning
  67. Triathlete Swim Experience
  68. wetsuit in open water
  69. Wetsuit balance off
  70. XTERRA lands in Abruzzo!
  71. Completing longer sets in Olympic Distance Plan
  72. Switching from tri to a swim race
  73. 10 mins faster than last year
  74. Longer sets to build endurance
  75. Lava Pants
  76. Adding speed to the mix
  77. You have to train the way you race !
  78. Masters or TI swimming?
  79. I finally get it!
  80. 1000 yd Time Trial tips
  81. Videos of actual TI technique in triathlon
  82. I'm AN IRONMAN
  83. Time prowler here yet this is my first post
  84. Anyone Seen the HydroPacer LED Training System?
  85. Cross Channel Swim Anyone?
  86. Speed-new TI student
  87. newbe. reached my peak - need coach.
  88. Unusual advice from a tri coach
  89. Is it doable from couch potato to decent swimmer at 46 y/o?
  90. Beginner Need Advice
  91. Confused where to start
  92. How close is too close (to race day) to "start" TI?