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  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  2. Cerebral Palsy
  3. strained intercostal muscles
  4. Dry Burning Skin
  5. Swimming like a windmill!!!!! Have I hit the jackpot?
  6. Yoga
  7. swimming backache
  8. Swimming is my pancea
  9. arthritis and TI
  10. PCP says swimming not good for weight loss
  11. winging scapula
  12. Exactly how healthy is swimming?
  13. immersion diuresis
  14. how can I best use a really small pool?
  15. Cervical Spondylolysis
  16. calf cramping during swims
  17. Nonpropulsive kick
  18. Swimming and heart rate
  19. Physical decline caused by slow decay of brain's myelin
  20. eczema and chlorine
  21. Testimonials
  22. Health Effects from Cold Water ?
  23. I had rotator cuff surgery
  24. Drills for Aerobic and Cardiovascular Benefits?
  25. Shoulder problem - clavicle
  26. Cold Weather, need warm water
  27. Yoga ...Benefits in the water?
  28. Will push ups hurt my swimming?
  29. Ear plugs - necessary?
  30. Swimming and Fueling
  31. Have you felt the benefits of swimming in everyday movements?
  32. Earache the day after swimming
  33. Acromio-clavicular Joint Resection Recovery?
  34. Benefits?
  35. Good body, shame about the face
  36. The effects of endurance exercise training on cognitive function in older adults
  37. Cold Sores and public swimming pools.
  38. Time of swimming?
  39. How can I clone my hard disk?
  40. Extremely short duration high intensity interval training improves insulin action
  41. Basic Interval Training
  42. Shoulder fix
  43. The Truth About Swimming And Weight Loss
  44. TI side effects
  45. Swimming and epilepsy
  46. Swimmer's ear
  47. percentage-wise, how much time do you spend on each stroke during workouts?
  48. Physical Therapy
  49. How many calories does TI swimming use versus non-TI swimming?
  50. Waterproof Me Please
  51. What Stroke Is Best for Me
  52. No more pain after swimming
  53. Swimming vs Rowing
  54. Knee problems
  55. Knee surgery
  56. BACK Shape & TI
  57. rheumatic conditions and nutrition
  58. Swimmer's elbow?
  59. Swimming, age and ageless age
  60. Colds are less frequent and less severe in fit and active adults
  61. Physical exercise combats the aging process
  62. Beginning swimmer
  63. runny nose after swimming
  64. Intensive Training as an Anti-Aging Method
  65. Anyone can be a "World Class Improver"
  66. Injury as Inspiration
  67. Self and Swimming and Essential Tremor
  68. Are humans badly adapted to water?
  69. Aching legs
  70. strength vs. endurance
  71. Swimming back to health
  72. Using one arm only
  73. Very sore finger tips
  74. Shoulder Strengthening Exercises in Total Immersion book
  75. Swimming and mid seventies prostates
  76. Physical fitness provides protection against oxidative stress
  77. Higher muscle mass improves insulin sensitivity
  78. Regular moderate/instense exercise helps preserve brain function
  79. Getting mojo back
  80. Swimming with a PICC Line: Advice Please!
  81. Sugar the Bitter truth, and burning calories
  82. Working Through Loss of Efficiency & Endurance
  83. Overtraining?
  84. Evidence that unhealthy brain aging can be reversed in middle age by aerobic exercise
  85. Swim mirror
  86. resolutions, goals and purpose
  87. Day One in TI: My Story
  88. Building Muscular Endurance
  89. Anyone giving free hugs today
  90. Body Blade for shoulder strength and injury prevention?
  91. 15 lbs in 15 weeks
  92. Knee Replacement
  93. Outside tendon on ankle
  94. Swimming Biomechanics and Injury Prevention
  95. Any relation to diminished hearing and .....
  96. Curved Back & Streamlining
  97. Hello everybody this is Don from Taiwan
  98. TI for stroke (cerebrovascular accident) rehab?
  99. Rehab after shoulder surgery
  100. Prescription goggles
  101. Dizzy post swim
  102. relationship of t.i. to surfboard paddling?
  103. freestyle with a back injury
  104. oxidative stress
  105. Swimming and bodyfat %
  106. over training
  107. Does swimming benefit growth in any way?
  108. Aging and swimming
  109. Sidelined for Two Weeks
  110. Itchy skin after swimming
  111. Recovery schedule for overtrained swimmer
  112. Am I too old to learn to swim??
  113. Intro
  114. I need some help
  115. Can swimming help a torn calf muscle?
  116. growth and excessive training
  117. Chlorine Allergy
  118. Introduction and thanks!
  119. Calling CoachSuzanne and others
  120. Wanting to tone up my flabby abs
  121. Student
  122. swim your way to ill health
  123. seasonal sniffling
  124. Low pH and tooth decay in Cambodia
  125. Post-op dryland practices
  126. Headache 24 hrs after swimming - solution needed
  127. Swimming is aggravating my sciatica
  128. Is swimming really help to loss weight?
  129. Eating prior to swimming
  130. How Much Chlorination is too Much?
  131. Swimmers ear
  132. Ear problems - children
  133. which stroke to help with lower back pain
  134. VO2 Max
  135. New swimmer here
  136. optimal frequency and duration
  137. Lose fat in face or face shape changes?
  138. Respect for others in the pool... SIGH!
  139. Getting Back on the Proverbial Horse
  140. dermatitis (eczema) around eyes
  141. Swimming after breast augmentation
  142. A total mental catharsis
  143. Breaking the mental barrier?
  144. Is swimming better than going gym?
  145. Is Swimming good for lumbar back pain?
  146. The New Science of Exercise.
  147. Swim to Get Taller (Kiddies)
  148. Swimming for the superlowendurancetype
  149. Can swimming reduce body weight?
  150. cancer risks from chlorine in pools
  151. Back Pain and Posture Problem?
  152. Cannot get rid of fins
  153. Which Stroke or Drill is best for reducing abdomen?
  154. Swimming as an exercise for a long time couch potatoe
  155. Swim/tri in recovery from alcohol or drugs?
  156. Back in the pool
  157. One armed swimmer
  158. Dolphin Kick on Back
  159. What are the common mistake while swimming?
  160. recovery after illness