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  32. Dallas Workshop June 6 & 7, 2009 - interested in saving 10%?
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  39. Freestyle Crawl in Synch...now thats sharin' in St. Louis
  40. Oconomowoc YMCA
  41. brooklyn, ny...desperately seeking susan
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  43. beginner in Atlanta / Vinings.
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  48. Charlotte NC
  49. Oswego, NY area
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  52. Training buddy
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  58. North Detroit Metro area
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  62. Stamford, CT
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  65. Is the youtube converters safe to install onto your computer?
  66. Charleston, SC
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  85. Anybody in Germany? Anybody?
  86. Augusta GA / Aiken SC / Columbia SC
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  91. Bowie, Maryland, USA (or nearby) for OW PMF swims?
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  93. AZ Open Water Swimming
  94. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
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  96. Looking for a TI coach in San Antonio or Austin
  97. beginner looking for TI buddy on the island of Curaao
  98. Winter OW swimmers in NJ?
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  100. TI in Perth, Australia
  101. Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR
  102. Buddy in Richmond VA Area
  103. Syracuse, NY TI Buddy Desired
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  105. TI training buddy in Gothenburg / Sweden
  106. Bogota / Colombia (South America)
  107. Northern NJ
  108. Anyone in/around Westfield, NJ ?
  109. Boise/Nampa, ID
  110. Nashville, Tenn.
  111. TI training buddy near Amsterdam / Netherlands
  112. Arizona Open Water Swimming
  113. Myrtle Beach Open Water Swimming
  114. TI in Northern Spain?
  115. Looking for coach/buddy in Seattle area...
  116. TI buddy in Western canada
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  121. South Korea, Seoul area
  122. Any body from Penang?
  123. Irvine, CA / Orange County Area
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  127. Swimming Or.,Wa.
  128. Eastern Washington? Anyone? Anyone?
  129. Toronto & GTA training buddy?
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  132. Houston,TX
  133. TI Private Coaching back in San Francisco Bay Area
  134. St. Petersburg, FL - Beginner Swimmer
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  138. Total Immersion Swim Studio at TI headquarters in New Paltz (close to NYC)
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  140. Michigan?
  141. TI Coach or Buddy in Buffalo, NY?
  142. TI swimmers in Germany
  143. TI in Oaxaca
  144. Brooklyn and Manhattan , New York City , NYC New York County , Kings County
  145. Anyone in NewZealand, BOP coaching TI
  146. TI coach in Poole, Dorset UK?
  147. Eastern Canada
  148. TI Buddy Dallas Texas 2012
  149. Nwa
  150. Wilmington, NC anyone?
  151. Other TI swimmers or coaches in SF?
  152. Total Immersion in the Middle East
  153. Anyone in Okinawa Japan?
  154. Cheltenham, UK Weekend Freestyle Workshop
  155. TI Coach or Buddy in Jackson, MS
  156. TI training bud in S.F. Ca: beginner/intermediate
  157. Shoham, Israel anyone ?;)
  158. TI training partner in Pune,India
  159. Any London-based TI swimmers?
  160. TI Training partner - Naperville/Bolingbrook IL area
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  172. Wanted Manchester
  173. Helsinki Finland
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  175. TI Melbourne - Near Balwyn
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  177. Chicago North Shore
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  180. TI in Jackson, Mississippi
  181. in France?
  182. Training Buddy in Richmond, VA
  183. London
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  189. Training Buddy in Houston
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  192. swim help Open Water
  193. Anyone in South Bay, Los Angeles
  194. Miami Area - Doral
  195. seeking swim buddy in northern virginia
  196. Ti Buddy In Austin Texas
  197. TI buddy wanted in Monterey
  198. Looking For a Swim Partner
  199. Perth, WA - Australia
  200. artner need-El Segundo
  201. Auckland, anyone?
  202. Overland Park, Kansas area
  203. training buddy
  204. swim partner or coach
  205. burnaby / vancouver bc
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  207. Dusseldorf?
  208. Brisbane or SE QLD area
  209. Tobyhanna, PA
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